How to market your private practice

 Just because you are a great doctor does not mean you will get patients. You can be a good clinician, but if you are not focusing on the marketing or business side, you will miss new patient opportunities. 

This was exactly where Dr. Una was when she first opened her practice  Ivy League Pediatrics 10 years ago. She started her own practice and had the philosophy of “Hang the shingle and the patients will come.” In reality, no patients came. 

Dr. Una learned that just as it takes time and energy to learn the skills necessary as a doctor, she needed to spend time learning the skills to market her practice. 

In addition to pediatrics, Dr. Una now uses her experience to help other physicians build their brands. Her popular EntreMD podcast coaches physicians on the business side of running a successful practice. 

The following discussion took place live on my Back to Busy Summit in early June to address how to keep building our private...

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