How to Appropriately Code and Stop Leaving Money on the Table 

How many times have you asked another physician, “How would you code this?”  

With so much confusion and misinformation out there, finding the right answer to this question is not always easy. But the effort is worthwhile because taking learning to code correctly can save you time and money.

This discussion took place live on my Back to Busy Summit in early June to address how to keep building our private practices now in COVID-19. The full webinar is available on-demand now.

Hit the ground running and set yourself up for success as your practice returns to busy following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coding for private practice physicians

Many of us lack training on how to properly code. In academia, they have billing departments that take care of coding matters, so doctors can focus on patients, rounds, families and medical students. But when you enter the real world, no one is coding for you. 

And if coding isn’t done properly you’re missing...

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