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blog growth mindset Jun 30, 2020

Between a global pandemic and what the president of the American Psychological Association Sandra L. Shullman calls a “Racism Pandemic,” people have a lot on their minds. All of a sudden, there are so many unprecedented challenges, and many physicians have had to pivot their practices in order to find a model that works in this new normal. 

Dr. Sunny Smith is a family physician in San Diego at UCLA. Not only does she have a busy family practice, she is a teacher at UCLA, coaches a group of women physicians called Empowering Women Physicians and has a podcast by the same name. 

Get back to busy after COVID-19

The following discussion took place live on my Back to Busy Summit in early June to address how to keep building our private practices now in COVID-19. The full webinar is available on-demand now.

Hit the ground running and set yourself up for success as your practice returns to busy following the COVID-19 pandemic.


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