Quit Asking Me About SEO

blog Oct 15, 2019

A lot of physicians ask me about SEO, which is search engine optimization. When we talk about branding, social media, online presence, and bringing new patients into their practice on a regular basis by having an online brand, they have heard the term SEO and they think it’s the first thing they need to improve in order to get new patients in the door. And I really try and shift the conversation. 

Before we start talking about search engine optimization, we need to go back about 10 chapters and see what your brand is actually doing online that makes it worthy enough to have search engine optimization. Because when I look at some practice websites, all I see is an outdated website that hasn’t been touched since 2015. It doesn't list hours or have any information about the services offered. It's basically just a holding place website or Facebook page.

If you’re bringing traffic to an online presence that doesn’t really exist, it's like trying to sell a...

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How to NOT Start Huddling

blog Sep 30, 2019

While I was at the American Conference of Physician Health, we talked a lot about how to create a team-based approach to healthcare that allows you to step back as a physician and look at the whole team rather than being the quarterback, goalie, point guard, what have you. Instead, you're the coach and you're seeing what's going on in the big picture. You're intervening and making investments when you need to, but you're not in the day-to-day.

I want you to think about that in the context of a huddle. I find these to be super beneficial for my practice and for other practices that I have the opportunity to work with or talk with. What I think it really comes down to is setting up yourself for success.

 The wrong way to do a huddle is to jump right in without buy-in and to send an email that says, “Monday morning, we're doing a huddle and that's what we're going to do. So show up and be ready to huddle.” The second way is to mess up the huddle do it on a Monday...

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