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  • The financial incentives to investing in a medical scribe.
  • How spend more time doing what you love by delegating to a scribe.

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Phil's Corner

Hear what I have to say about the value of scribes, why you NEED one in your practice, and how to get your partners on board.


Meet Phil Boucher, MD

Founder of Private Practice Matters


I'm Phil Boucher. I'm a private practice pediatrician and business consultant who helps private practice owners like you climb out of the trenches, build unbreakable office culture, and design a thriving practice and fulfilling life.

Physicians come to me asking for more time in their day for everything they need to do and I help them make it happen while optimizing work processes, automating, delegating, and building a brand. You can't have it all, but I promise it can be MUCH better with a little intention.


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