You worked too hard for too long to spend your days (and nights) buried under a mountain of paperwork, stress, and guilt.

Reclaim the life you worked so hard to achieve. Learn how to market your practice, delegate day-to-day tasks, manage your team, and finally focus on what you do best.


Many physicians get so caught up in all the extras—marketing, administrative duties, managing a staff—that we forget what we worked so hard for so many years to do. Even worse, we bring our work and frustration home with us and miss out on precious moments of connection with the people we love because we're constantly fighting to keep our heads above water.

High-yield physicians focus on doing what only they can do. At work, they do only what they were trained for, and at home, they do only what they were made for.

If you're wondering how you can do less of the charting, the filling out of paperwork, and the staying on hold with insurance companies that leaves you feeling drained and disconnected, High-Yield Physicians is the place for you.

Offering free resources, quick-win courses, and a supportive community of other physicians in the trenches, High-Yield Physicians gives you the tools you need to FINALLY build a thriving practice and a fulfilling life.


Are you a physician looking to start your entrepreneurial journey or accelerate the growth of your online course or coaching program?

Introducing the HYP Launch Lab, where you learn and develop the skills you need to build and grow your online business! We meet you where you are and help you move forward, walking through the website development process with you. We'll be by your side for setup support as you perfect & grow your online course or coaching program. 

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We'll be offering...

  • Done-with-you marketing, website development, funnel creation, automations, and more
  • 3-month members-only accountability and support group
  • Weekly office hours for Q&A
  • Members-only masterclasses on all the aspects of launching and growing your online business

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High-Yield Physicians offers quick-win courses, designed for busy physicians looking to make quick and effective changes in their practice and their life. In addition to curated courses, High-Yield Physicians also offers one-on-one business coaching with Phil Boucher, MD, as well as a full service website development and course launch team.

Learn how to show up where your patients already are.

Develop a simple but powerful marketing plan that brings new patients through your doors, no TikTok dancing required. __________________ ______________ ________________ _______________


A time management method specifically designed for the demands of physicians.

This time-reclaiming method helps physicians work smarter, stay sane, and FOCUS on what matters most.            ____________________________


One-on-One Coaching

Get one-on-one private practice coaching with Phil, tailored to your practice and needs.

We offer three tiers of service from simple coaching calls to done-for-you marketing and content creation. Pick the service that works best for you.


Launch Team

Websites and online courses are a great way to educate the public and attract new patients to your practice.

We offer full-service course development and website development, done for you from start to finish. Or, you pick and choose services as needed!


Check Out the Pediatrics 2.0 Podcast

You trained for years and spend your days (and nights!) practicing pediatrics. With everything on your plate at work and home, it’s hard to keep up with what’s changing in our field. Pediatrician Phil Boucher and his guests discuss the latest trends in pediatric practices. From clinical updates to research advancements to revolutions in care delivery, Pediatrics 2.0 brings you the information you need to stay up to date on the practice of pediatrics.



Meet Phil Boucher, M.D.

Physician & Business Coach

I'm Phil Boucher. I'm a pediatrician and business consultant who helps private practice owners like you design a thriving practice and fulfilling life.

As a private practice physician, I know that running a thriving practice can be extremely difficult and overwhelming at times. You might find it difficult to motivate your team or find yourself doing it all on your own. 

Physicians come to me asking for more time in their day for everything they need to do, and I help them make it happen while optimizing work processes, automating, delegating, and building a brand. You can't have it all, but I promise it can be MUCH better with a little intention.

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